Exploring Webshop Information Levels: A Comprehensive Guide

From quick overviews to comprehensive analyses: understanding the three levels of Webshop Information.

Understanding the Data Structure of Webshops


The information about webshops is structured in a three-level hierarchy, offering users a wide range of details and insights about Tembi E-Commerce webshops. This structure allows to easily compare webshops, delve into specific ones in more detail, and access comprehensive data to make informed decisions.


Level 1: Webshops List - Quick Overview

This level provides a concise view of multiple webshops. Columns might include basic information like webshop name, URL, country, provider position at the checkout, lead status, lead owner, etc.
The purpose is to quickly scan and compare key details of various webshops.


Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 18.50.46

Level 2: Detailed Preview - In-Depth Insights

This level offers a more comprehensive look into individual webshops.
It includes additional information such as checkout ranking, historical view of number of products or categories, contact information, etc. 


Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 23.53.19

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Level 3: Dedicated Webshop Page - Comprehensive Analysis

      At this level, users have the opportunity to explore a dedicated page for each webshop. On this page, they will find a wide set of valuable information, including in-depth analysis of the checkout process and the webshop's history. Additionally, users can access geographical position information, competitive analysis with competitors, activity log, and financial data. This comprehensive range of insights allows users to make well-informed decisions and gain a deep understanding of each webshop's performance and offerings.


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Please note: While certain information is also visible in the webshops list, other data can only be found on the webshop page and preview.