Webshop preview

Gain valuable insights about webshops, delegate leads to your team members, and collaborate by sharing notes, all conveniently accessible from the webshop preview.

To get a glimpse of the detailed information about the webshops listed on the webshops page, you can check out the preview.

Simply click on the webshop name and a popup window will appear on the right-hand side of the page, giving you a sneak peek into the webshop's page. Within this tab, you'll find a variety of options and information to explore and make use of.


A Comprehensive Feature Overview


Assign the webshop to a colleague: To assign a webshop to a colleague, simply click on the "Not Assigned" button and choose the user you want to assign the webshop to. 

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Once assigned, the user will receive a desktop and email notification informing them of their new webshop assignment.


Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 20.13.13

Change the lead status of a webshop: To change the lead status of the webshop, click on the "Open" field and select the appropriate status for your lead.

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History of changes: Accessing historical changes regarding checkout position, delivery details, and other alterations is straightforward. Just click the "History" button, and a popup window will appear offering multiple options to gather the information you need and visual graphs enhance clarity.

For deeper insights, consult the article on Historical Changes.

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Add the webshop to a list: If you want to add a webshop to a list, click on the "Add to List" button. This will give you the option to either create a new list or add the webshop to an existing one. 

To learn more about this feature, please consult the relevant article.

Monitor a webshop: To start monitoring a webshop, click on the bell icon. This will enable you to receive notifications and updates regarding any changes or activities related to the webshop.

For further information on how to effectively monitor a webshop, please refer to the article provided.


A Comprehensive Information Overview

The webshops preview includes three tabs that provide detailed information about the Webshop and the Company that owns it. Additionally, there is a third tab where you can create notes and tag your team.

Webshop: The webshop tab provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of various data related to the webshop. Additionally, it may also offer historical information in some cases, giving you a deeper understanding of the webshop's evolution over time.


Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 10.14.00

Company: Within the company tab, you will find a comprehensive overview of information regarding the company that owns the webshop's domain. Additionally, this tab provides a historical overview of important data, including revenue and gross profit.


Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 10.51.35

Notes: In the notes tab, you can add comments or notes about the webshop and tag your team members. This allows you to track important information and have discussions related to the webshop. Share observations, feedback, and updates with colleagues, and ensure easy access and collaboration by tagging team members. This enhances communication and teamwork within your organisation.


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If you'd like to know more about the notes feature, please take a look at the related article.

Remember, the details you see in the webshop preview might vary from what's on the webshops list or the dedicated webshop page. To get the full picture of each webshop's information, check out the relevant article.