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What is the moving probability of my tenants?

Explore tenant moving probability using address-based maps or "Your Customers" function in TRE. Tailor strategies in asset management, resource allocation, and tenant engagement for optimal results.

Gaining insights into tenant moving probability is crucial for informed asset management. Here you can find two approaches to do so.
Use the results obtained to make informed strategic decisions and proactively communicate with current tenants before they relocate, in order to understand and address their specific requirements.


Option 1: Look at tenants at specific address

Access the Search Page and  use the Map Feature. Type in the specific address you wish to investigate. Then, set the radius to 0 km to narrow the search to that precise location.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 09.41.38

After setting the parameters, click on "Expand table" to view a comprehensive list of all the production units linked to the specified address. Look for the percentage of moving probability in the corresponding column to gain insights into the likelihood of tenant relocation.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 07.55.28

Option 2: Use beta function  "Your customers"

This feature enables you to import a list of your tenants to Tembi Real Estate, providing you with valuable insights about them.


Create an Excel spreadsheet with a single column. In the top cell of the column (A1), label it as "P-unit." Then, in the cells below, enter the P-numbers of your tenants.

To import the Excel document, select the "Your customers" option found in the top bar menu, after having reset all other filters for a smooth import process.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 09.50.14

The Excel file can also include additional columns with different capitalizations and without dashes in the column names.


Expand the table by clicking on " Expand table"  to display a comprehensive list of all your tenants. This list is based on the P-numbers you provided. From there, you can select the specific insights you want to collect by checking the relevant columns under "Columns data".


Benefits of Tenant Moving Probability Analysis
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Understanding your tenants moving probabilities empowers you to make well-informed decisions about asset management and tenant retention.

  • Resource Allocation: With this insight, you can allocate resources efficiently based on the likelihood of tenant relocation.

  • Tenant Engagement: Analyzing moving probabilities aids in designing tailored engagement strategies to enhance tenant satisfaction.