Remove a webshop from a list

By following these instructions, you can easily manage the contents of your saved lists and ensure they are always updated according to your preferences.

To remove a company from a saved list, follow these simple steps. First, navigate to the 'My saved lists' section on the application. Once there, locate the specific list from which you want to remove a company and click on 'View' next to it. This will open up a detailed view of the list.

Within the list view, you will find a comprehensive display of all the webshops that have been saved. To remove a company, it's as simple as checking the box next to its name. If necessary, you can select multiple companies at once. Upon selecting the desired webshops, a convenient pop-up menu will appear.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 23.48.00

In the pop-up menu, look for the delete icon, represented by a trash bin. Click on this icon to initiate the removal process. Before the removal is finalised, a confirmation prompt may appear asking you to confirm your decision. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally delete one or multiple companies from your list.


Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 23.48.10

Once you have confirmed the removal, the selected company or companies will be successfully removed from your saved list. You can follow these steps again to remove any other companies you want to.