Move Probability Classification

This value helps you gauge how likely a potential tenant is to move.

The Move probability classification feature evaluates the chances of a tenant moving and provides a ranked list from highest to lowest. By analysing historical data and tenant behaviour, the business intelligence tool can assign a move probability value to each lead. 


In Search page, click on "Expand table" and locate the column labeled "Move probability classification". Proceed to sort the leads based on their move probability. Prioritise leads with the highest move probability by selecting "Størst'" (Highest) or "Større" (Higher).


This selection provides a more accurate result compared to the "Move probability %". Smaller production units generally have a higher move probability because it is easier to move them, and they tend to move more often. If you focus solely on the move probability in percentage, you will only consider small production units. However, the "Move probability classification" takes into account both smaller and larger production units. This ensures a more comprehensive analysis of the potential tenants.

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Upcoming Feature: Change in Moving probability



Once you have finished your search, you can track any changes in the move probability of the production units. Simply click on the graph icon located next to the "Moving probability" % in the table next to the map. This feature allows you to stay informed about any updates and enables you to proactively reach out to the production units when there are any changes in their move probability.