How can I save a search?

Discover how to save and reuse filters for quicker searches.

Improve your workflow by saving filters that you frequently use to speed up your searches. Using this time-saving technique, can help you to easily access your preferred settings and enhance your overall user experience.

Save Filters

Above the map interface, locate and click on the "Save Filters" button. A pop up window will open asking you the name of your new filter.

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Find Saved Filters

Once saved, you can find your filters by clicking on "More filters" and selecting the section "Saved filters".


Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 07.18.55

Delete a Filter

To delete a saved filter, go to the same section where you found the saved filters. When you hover over the filter name, a red bin icon will appear next to it. Click on the icon to confirm that you want to delete the saved filter.


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Reset Filters

To restart a search and reset your filter selection, just click on the "Reset Filters" option in the top bar menu. This option is only available when you have selected one or multiple filters.

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Benefits of Saved Filters

  • Time Efficiency: By eliminating the need to manually input the same filters each time, you save valuable time during your search process.

  • Consistency: Ensuring uniformity across your searches becomes effortless as you apply the same filters consistently.

  • Customisation: Tailoring your saved filters for specific use cases enables swift customisation when conducting different types of searches.