How Can I export Data and in Which Format?

Export easily your data via the "Expand table" section

Export your data via the "Expand table" section


To export the data from your search, simply click on the "Expand table" option located on the right side of the Search page, above the list of production units or companies.

Once you have selected the specific data you want to see using the search and column options, click on the "Download table" button. Your document will be quickly downloaded as an excel file.


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Please keep in mind that the "Expand table" feature is only available when there are fewer than 20,000 units in your segment.


Export tables and graphs

In both the Search and Moving Patterns pages, you will find a variety of tables and graphs that are available for download. These visual representations can be a helpful tool in analysing and understanding the data.

In the Moving Patterns page, these are immediately available once you launch a search. While on the Search page, you can find them by clicking on the "Analytics mode" tab located above the list of production units.

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You can choose to download each graph in either PNG or XLSX format. However, it's important to note that if you download the graph in PNG format, the interactive features that are available on the platform will not be included in the downloaded version.

Currently, we do not have a direct connection with CRM systems. However, importing data from Excel is the most efficient method to import information to your CRM and to Tembi Real Estate. If you would like more details or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.