Webshop Owner and Lead Status

Assign a Webshop to a Colleague And Manage Leads Status

Within the platform, you can effortlessly assign webshops to your team and oversee lead statuses. This streamlines task distribution, aids monitoring, and enhances collaboration among team members for effective webshop management.


Assign a webshop

Assigning a webshop is simple and convenient. You can access this functionality through the webshop list, webshop page, and webshop preview by selecting "Lead owner" or "Not assigned" options.

Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 23.26.16


Whenever a new webshop is assigned, the newly designated owner will promptly receive notifications within the platform and, if preferred in their notification settings, via email.


Screenshot 2023-08-19 at 23.31.06

Additionally, any new comments made will trigger notifications for the owner, even if the comment doesn't directly mention them. This ensures that the owner stays informed about all interactions related to their accounts or leads.

Lead Status

The lead feature streamlines the process of defining the status of accounts and leads with just a simple click. The available statuses include:

  • Open
  • In progress
  • Closed
  • Customer
  • Unqualified
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This system ensures that you stay on top of new lead creation and management within your team on the platform, preventing any crucial steps from being overlooked.


Kindly be aware that modifying a lead status within a webshop will have a universal effect across your entire company space. This adjustment will consequently impact the view of your colleagues as well.