Historical changes

Discover the power of tracking historical changes within Tembi E-Commerce checkout.

Discover the power of tracking historical changes within Tembi E-Commerce.

By clicking on the "History" button in the webshop list and webshop preview, you can delve into past variations in checkout position, delivery price, time, and other aspects.

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Upon clicking on the "History" button, a user-friendly pop-up window will appear, providing a plethora of options to access the desired insights organised in four tabs. These features include visual graphs that provide clarity and a detailed checkout and product picture, which enhances the overall comprehension of the historical changes.


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Position in checkout: One of the key features of the "Checkout" tab is the visualisation of checkout rankings across different providers. A graph illustrates how your checkout position ranks when compared to those of other providers. This graphical representation allows you to quickly grasp your standing in the competitive landscape.


Delivery price: This section provides visual insights into shipping costs, allowing you to compare your prices with those of your competitors within a specific webshop. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of shipping costs, you can make informed decisions and strategically optimise these factors to gain a competitive advantage over other delivery providers.


Delivery time: The "Delivery time" section allows you to compare the average time it takes for your deliveries to arrive with those of your competitors for a specific webshop. This comparison gives you valuable insights into areas where you excel and areas that may need improvement. By understanding how your metrics compare to your competitors, you can set realistic goals for enhancing your delivery performance.


Other changes: This tab serves to display alterations in return addresses, export countries, products, and categories.

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Customisable Metrics: Within each graph presented, you have the flexibility to customise various metrics. You can tailor the data to focus on specific factors such as product price, delivery methods, country of delivery, delivery address, and the chosen period range. Furthermore, you have the option to enlarge the product and checkout images, which are collected directly from our machines in the webshops during the checkout process. This level of customisation empowers you to extract the most relevant insights that are beneficial for your business.