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Find a specific production unit

Quickly find production units by filtering company names or specifying addresses using the map's Address function.

Using Company Names as Filters

If you know the company name, use this information as a filter to accelerate your production unit hunt. The filter "Company name" facilitates a targeted search that narrows down options to match your desired company. This feature helps remove any unwanted information and speeds up your search, making it easier for you to explore and find what you're looking for.

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Employing Addresses for Precision

When you have an address as your starting point, the Address function on the map is the perfect feature to begin your search. This function allows you to enter the exact address you have in mind. Simply input the address and set the radius to 0.

Now, you will be able to view all the production units located at that specific address. This approach is extremely helpful when you are interested in production units located at a particular address, leaving no room for confusion or uncertainty.

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Navigating with Address Function

  1. Access the Map: Begin by accessing the map feature within our tool. This map is a powerful tool that helps visualise the locations of production units.

  2. Type in the Address: In the map's search bar, type in the address of the location you are interested in. This could be the address of the company or any other relevant address.

  3. Set Radius to 0: For pinpoint accuracy, set the radius to 0. This instructs the tool to focus exclusively on the exact address you provided.

  4. Explore Results: Hit the search button, and the map will display the production units associated with the address you entered. 


Benefits of Our Approach

  • Efficiency: This method is designed to save you time and effort by offering specific results based on your input.

  • Precision: Whether you're using addresses or company names, the tool's functions focus your search precisely where you want it.

  • Simplicity: Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, even for those new to the tool.

  • Reduced Clutter: Filters prevent you from being overwhelmed with irrelevant options, ensuring your focus remains on what matters most.