How to use filters?

Learn how to use filters to tailor your data exploration experience.

Filters are your toolkit for refining the data you interact with. Whether you're refining on specific company criteria or exploring into financial details, our platform's filtering capabilities empower you to extract the insights you need.


Exploring Filter Categories

Top Toolbar Filters: Easily access filters for Company name and Employees per production unit or company from the top of the page.

More Filters: Explore an variety of filter options by clicking on "More filters," conveniently grouped into categories like Industries Information, Department's Building Details, Zip Code, Ownership of the Department's Building, Company Finance Information, and Transport.

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In the Moving Patterns page, instead of the Company name filter, the top toolbar includes a Last relocation filter.

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Production units vs companies

A company can have multiple production units, also known as business units. For instance, a large company may have its main office located at one address, while its production facility is situated at another address. In this case, these two addresses represent separate production units within the company.

Implementing Filters

Select filters that align with your search criteria. Once you have chosen the filters, you will see corresponding icons in two places: the bottom right corner of the "More filters" pop-up window and on top of the map.

Hover over these icons to get a summary of the filters you have selected, giving you a quick overview of your search parameters.


Filter Retention

Automatic Session Saving: Your filter selections are automatically saved for your next session, ensuring continuity even if you close the app or switch between different pages like Search and Moving Patterns.


In the top right corner menu, you can opt out of automatic session saving if desired.


Saving Custom Filter Sets

To preserve specific filter combinations, click on "Save Filter." A popup window will appear, allowing you to name and save your filter set.

Your saved filter sets will be conveniently accessible in the "More filters" popup window.


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Comprehensive Filtering Options in Tembi Real Estate



Company name Search for specific companies.
Employees   Filter by the number of employees per  production unit or company.
Industries Information Explore various industry categories. Choose from 21 macro categories, including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and more.
Department's Building Details Building area (sqm): Search by specific building area in square meters.
Construction year in range: Narrow down departments by construction year.
Last relocation in range: Filter by the period of last relocation. Building usage code: Refine based on building usage.
Move probability classification: Rank by move probability.
Zip Code Search by specific zip code.
Ownership of the Department's Building Rents: Filter by companies that rent their building.
Owns: Filter by companies that own their building.
Any (including N/A): Select companies regardless of ownership status.
Company Finance Information Equity: Search by equity amount.
Liquidity ratio %: Filter by liquidity ratio percentage.
Solidity %: Filter by solidity percentage.
Transport Nearest train: Filter by distance to the nearest train station. Nearest subway: Filter by distance to the nearest subway station.
Nearest bus: Filter by distance to the nearest bus stop.
Nearest motorway: Filter by distance to the nearest motorway.