Filter & List notifications

Refine and display notifications based on specific criteria.

The notification system integrated within the Tembi E-commerce solution offers a seamless way to stay informed about any alterations in your customer lists or selected webshops. These notification options are not only comprehensive but also customisable, ensuring that you remain well-informed and never miss a crucial update.


Manage your filters notifications

To control your filtered notifications, navigate to your profile settings within the "Notification settings" section. Access "My saved filters" and toggle the filter's name to disable email and desktop notifications or select preferences using checkboxes.

Additionally, you can modify filter notifications from the webshops list. Simply use the "Save filters" dropdown menu, click the pencil icon, and choose your desired notification settings.


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Manage your list notifications

To manage your list notifications, head to your profile settings under "Notification settings." Find and click on "My saved lists." From there, you can toggle the list's name to turn off email and desktop notifications or set your preferences using checkboxes.

Unlike filter notifications that alert you when new webshops match filter criteria, list notifications offer more options. You can select to receive alerts for changes in the best checkout position, your checkout position, additions of new delivery providers, or updates to return addresses, shipping methods, and export countries.


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