Expand table and view columns

Discover how to expand and customise tables on the Search page, enabling tailored views, sorting, and Excel download.

Gain deep insights from the Search page by expanding tables and customising data views. On the search page, you have the ability to view and download a table that displays the companies within your selected segment.


Accessing and Expanding Tables

Once you have selected filters and location and completed your search, click on “Expand table” above the preview table to the left of the map.


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This button will be visible only when there are fewer than 20,000 units in your chosen segment.

Directly above the "expand table" button, you'll find buttons that allow you to choose between viewing data on the company or production unit level.

Navigating the Expanded Table

In the expanded table, you can search for specific production units or companies using the search bar provided.

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Customising Data Points

Use the "Columns data" box located above the table to easily select the specific data points you wish to display. By simply clicking on the checkboxes, you can customise your view and prioritise the most pertinent information for your analysis. 

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Sorting Data: Enhance data clarity by clicking on column names to sort information in ascending or descending order.


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Exporting and Integration

Excel Spreadsheet Download: Conclude your analysis by downloading the table as an Excel spreadsheet. This downloadable format serves as a valuable resource for integration into various systems, including CRM platforms.


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Benefits of Table Expansion and Customisation

  • Granular Insights: Expanded tables provide detailed insights into your chosen segment, enabling informed decision-making.

  • Data Tailoring: Customising displayed data points ensures you view the most relevant information for your analysis.

  • Integration Possibilities: Downloadable Excel spreadsheets facilitate efficient data integration into your existing systems, supporting diverse business processes.