Webshop notifications

Customise your webshop notifications to suit your needs, managing alerts and preferences for informed and flexible webshop management.

Managing notifications in webshop management is essential to stay updated on vital changes in your selected webshops.

This empowers informed decisions, quick responses to changes, and maintaining your e-commerce edge. Customize webshop alerts to match your goals and interests precisely.

To personalise your webshop notifications, navigate to your personal space, specifically the "Monitored webshops" section. Within this section, you can efficiently manage your webshop notifications.

Similar to list notifications, single webshop monitoring also provides you with the choice to receive notifications for alterations in the best checkout position, your checkout position, introductions of new delivery providers, or updates to return addresses, shipping methods, and export countries.

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You have the flexibility to halt webshop monitoring whenever you wish using the "Stop monitor" feature. This empowers you to discontinue monitoring either individual or all webshops. Additionally, you can also stop monitoring single webshops directly from the webshop preview.