Enable Notifications for Changes in Your Webshop

Receive updates about any updates or modifications in the webshops you are monitoring through the notification system.

Within the notification system, you have the ability to choose the specific changes that trigger notifications when they occur on a monitored webshop. These notifications can be received through both the desktop application and email.

When choosing to monitor a webshop, you have the ability to specifically select the updates that will trigger notifications. This allows you to stay informed in a way that aligns with your personal preferences and requirements.


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If you want to change any notification setting for any of your monitored webshops, please go to your personal space in the area "Monitored webshops" and click on the settings button next to the selected webshop. A popup window will open and you will be able to change and save your new notifications preference.


Modifying Notification Preferences for Monitored Webshops


To adjust your notification preferences for the webshops you are monitoring, simply navigate to your personal space and find the section labeled "Monitored Webshops."

To modify the settings for a specific webshop, simply locate the webshop and click on the settings button next to it. This will open a popup window where you can easily update and save your notification preferences.

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