Difference between Search and Moving Patterns.

Discover the main difference between search and moving pattern sections and what are the best practices.

Within the Tembi Real Estate platform there are two main pages called "Search" and "Moving patterns" accessible form the top right side of the platform.  Although the features are quite similar, their functionalities are complementary to maximise the result of your search.


The "Search" page offers insights into business demographics within a chosen area. This feature allows you to find individual companies or production units that align with your criteria. For instance, you can search for a production unit in a specific segment, geographic region, with a high moving probability. 


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Moving Patterns

The Moving Patterns page provides a rapid grasp of how companies (production units) relocate. This feature is ideal if you're keen on understanding which company segments move to a particular area, as well as where they move from. This information serves as a foundation to predict future company movements, helping you identify potential trends.


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Enhancing Insights

Future Company Movements: Moving Patterns aids in identifying company segments that may move to an area in the future. This proactive approach empowers you to anticipate shifts in the business landscape.


Informed Search Strategies: The insights from Moving Patterns can be directly applied to the Search page. For example, you may uncover that businesses in sector X and size group Y and are currently located in area Z. Use this intelligence to locate the specific companies you're interested in.